Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sam sung Tablet with design changes

However, the South Korean company said the design change badas glyksy Tab 10.1 N model for sale in Germany at the end of November will be presented.
Under the new Tablet PC designed the metal structure change in the attitude of the Additional space has also changed.
Sam sung with the company's spokesman told the BBC that the new version is developed based on consumer desires.
Sam sung with Apple's announcement of the reactions were sought but it failed.
Sam sung with Apple and patent rights between the United States, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Australia are also ongoing disputes.
Apple touch-screen technology to use on the Sam sung Sung is charged with the Sam sung says that Apple failed to license their technologies to three G's.
Note that Apple's other competitors with their patent dispute over the web is going.
Apple claims that Taiwan's Company H T C and T violated its patent rights in respect of any dispute with Apple and its U.S. rival Motorola's

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