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Iphone Car and Bike Mounting Kits

Iphone Car and Bike Mounting Kits
The iPod or iPhone on your body or desk gets you only so far. To get further, you’ll probably want to use the device in your car or on your bike. To prevent it from shifting around as you shift gears, you’ll probably want to secure it.
Car Mounts

The iPod or iPhone on your body or office, you only receive far. To go further, you'll probably want to use the device in your car or your bike. To prevent it from moving around you change speeds, you'll probably want to secure.
Car Mounts
The ideal way to get an iPod or iPhone in a car is one of the "iPod-integration" of units that car manufacturers are increasingly building in cars.
 If your car came without an iPod integration unit, you can add a third party to easily see next section for more details, but in many cases, you should replace your existing stereo.
For a less invasive, try a holder or assembly, such as:
•The series TuneDok TuneDok Belkin Car Holder (from $ 29.99; allows you to mount iPod models in the various cup holder of your car.
• The series of VentMount VentMount DLO ($ 24.99; allows you to mount an iPod or iPhone-yes, you guessed it, the AC vent, where it remains fresh and on hand
• The WindowSeat WindowSeat Griffin Technology ($ 29.99; allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod touch on the windshield of your car, your cards and put music to the eyes.
 The WindowSeat attaches with a suction cup and bracket allows you to rotate and tilt the screen to the proper position for viewing. The WindowSeat includes an audio cable to connect the iPhone or iPod to your car. If you need to power the iPhone or iPod, you can add a car charger like the PowerJolt (see later in this chapter). Resist the temptation to play the game Cro-Mag Rally driving on the desert stretches of I-80.
All-in-One car adapters
If your car does not have a unit of the iPod integration, securing the iPod or iPhone tends to
only half the problem.
 The other half is to play the sound from the iPod or iPhone through the stereo system of the vehicle. Chapter 5 discusses this issue in more detail, but one solution is to use a gadget all-in-one.Most of combining these three main elements:
• An adapter that connects to the output of your car or 12-volt cigarette lighter.
• A means of piping the output of iPod or iPhone to your stereo.
 This can use a direct cable connection, a cassette adapter, or a radio transmitter.
• A cradle or other device to hold the iPod or iPhone, is built on the adapter (using the power adapter that support) or fit into a cup holder oron the dashboard.
Many different all-in-one gadgets are available, including the following:
TransDock TransDock Digital Lifestyle Outfitters ( is a series of iPod car gadgets.
 The TransDock with IntelliTune costs $ 99.99 and you can not only play music from the iPod to the radio in your car, but also show the video of the iPod on your video system in the car. A flexible gooseneck plugs into the accessory socket and allows you to position the iPod where it is convenient to hand, but out of harm's way.
TuneBase and TuneCast • The series TuneBase and TuneCast Belkin ( provide a variety of ways to play audio from an iPod or iPhone through a car stereo.
 For example, the TuneCast Auto with ClearScan for iPhone and iPod powers ($ 79.99) for iPod or iPhone from the accessory socket and transmits the audio wirelessly to the receiver.
The Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe for iPhone and iPod ($ 99.95; charges the iPod to catch and transmit the audio via an audio cable to your car.
 There's even a wireless remote for back seat drivers.
Bike Mounts
If you want to mount the iPod on your bike, your options are more limited.Here are some examples:
Mobility Pack iPod iPod Mobility Pack ($ 19.95; by Marware includes a bike mount, swivel clip and car holder who work with Marware cases that use the clip system Multidapt. Bike HolderAccessory allows you to strap the iPod to the handlebars of your bike so you can manipulate the music when you have your hands free.
The iBikeMount iBikeMount from com,. $ 29.99) provides an iPhone on the handlebarsof your bike or other tube (for example, a baby stroller). This product is still under development at this writing, but it looks promising.
If you want to mount a speaker on your bike, head to and President of Research for iPod bikes.This item is a $ 50 speaker waterproof the clamps on the frame of your bike. You control the music via a handlebar-mounted remote control

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