Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sam sung Tablet with design changes

However, the South Korean company said the design change badas glyksy Tab 10.1 N model for sale in Germany at the end of November will be presented.
Under the new Tablet PC designed the metal structure change in the attitude of the Additional space has also changed.
Sam sung with the company's spokesman told the BBC that the new version is developed based on consumer desires.
Sam sung with Apple's announcement of the reactions were sought but it failed.
Sam sung with Apple and patent rights between the United States, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Australia are also ongoing disputes.
Apple touch-screen technology to use on the Sam sung Sung is charged with the Sam sung says that Apple failed to license their technologies to three G's.
Note that Apple's other competitors with their patent dispute over the web is going.
Apple claims that Taiwan's Company H T C and T violated its patent rights in respect of any dispute with Apple and its U.S. rival Motorola's

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

IPhone App Flipboard Logs 1 million downloads in one week

IPhone app Flipboard pocketed one million downloads just a week after its release.

  According to PaidContent, people are not only downloading and forget about it. With its application iPad, Flipboard clock was 650 000 000 flips each month, but the addition of the iPhone application hit that flips up to 2 billion.

  PCMag Jill Duffy spent some hands on time with the new application and noted that since Flipboard was originally designed for the iPad, "one might worry that the relatively small screen space could bog down the experience, but our first impressions are that the design still exists even on the smallest device, "she writes. "The usability and" flipping "the movement of paging through the app is just as graceful and pretty as they are on the iPad version."

  Last week brought with it the beginnings of several new social drive applications.

  ZITE launched its new iPhone application, on Friday, allowing users to access iPad content on the iPhone, too. ZITE, which was acquired by CNN in August, is the "first step to bring the power of new customized for each major platform." It plans to deploy other major mobile operating systems in the year.

  Google last week also launched its highly anticipated player mobile app. Dubbed Google currents, it is available for Android and iOS and offers content from more than 15 publishing partners, running the full range of PBS at Gawker. It also allows you to integrate the content of Google +.

  AOL is also expected to join the party and launch a smartphone version of Editions, a reader app. Yahoo Livestand will also reportedly be on shelves, and Android phones in 2012.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Samsung win legal battle from Apple

Samsung Electronics Co has won a round in its patent battle with world bruising Apple Inc. on Friday when an Australian court has lifted a ban on the sale of its Tablet PC Galaxy in time for the Christmas season many shops .
But the triumph of the South Korean firm in a Sydney court has been tempered by a reverse of the previous day in Paris, where another court rejected its bid to block the sale of the iPhone in France Apple 4S.
Apple and Samsung have been trained in some 30 legal cases in 10 countries since April, as they jostle for first place in the rapidly growing smartphone and tablet markets.
The decision of the Australian High Court allows Samsung to offer the device to Australian buyers for the last weeks of the Christmas shopping season and key came a week after a U.S. court denied Apple's advocacy for the Ban Galaxy phones and tablets in the country.
Apple on Thursday urged against the decision of the United States, which deprived the iPhone and iPad manufacturer of the leverage factor.
In France, the provision of Samsung to impose a temporary ban on sales on the iPhone 4S was rejected. Call for demand out of proportion, the court also ordered Samsung to pay 100,000 euros ($ 133,900) in legal fees from Apple, according to the decision.
Samsung said Friday it would consider the written reasons for the French ruling and continue to exercise all available options to enforce its intellectual property rights.
Apple first sued Samsung in the U.S. in April, saying the company smartphones and tablets slavishly copied its iPhone and iPad.
Samsung turned his back, Apple continues to breach its telecommunications technologies, and later expanded its suit to include the Apple iPhone 4S, released in October.
The South Korean firm filed motions preliminary injunction against the iPhone 4S Japan, France, Italy and Australia in October.
In Australia, sales of the iPhone 4S are allowed to continue after a court agreed to hear a case of patent infringement brought by Samsung in March.
"If the Italian candidacy (for Samsung) also fails, the time may come for both Apple and Samsung to realize that you can not win a marathon with a sprint," said intellectual property expert Florian Mueller.
"The problem with these" sprints "- in terms of requests for preliminary injunctions that courts may grant, after an expedited procedure - is that when they fail, they do nothing to improve the credibility of the respective applicant."
Samsung Galaxy 10.1, which is considered one of the main alternatives to the Apple iPad, was kept out of the Australian market since late July.
The Australian market, while not huge, the market is the first launch for Apple products outside the United States.
At the end of November, Samsung won a rare legal victory after an Australian Federal Court has unanimously decided to lift a preliminary injunction imposed by a lower court, on sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Apple had appealed against the decision of the High Court, which is the final court of appeal. Apple could not immediately be reached for comment.
Samsung is top manufacturer of smartphones, but far behind Apple in the tablets.
The dispute has sparked expectations that some $ 5 more than a billion pairs may be related to gain. Samsung has Apple as its largest customer and is central to Apple's mobile devices.
Global sales are expected to explode tablets to more than $ 50 million in 2011. Apple, which has sold over 30 million iPads so far, should continue to dominate the market in the short term.
Now has also entered the fray with its tablet Kindle a fire, but the Samsung Galaxy line-up is widely regarded as the closest rival in terms of capacity and design for the iPad.
Samsung's shares fell 0.4 percent compared to 0355 GMT down 1.8 percent in the overall market.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Iphone Car and Bike Mounting Kits

Iphone Car and Bike Mounting Kits
The iPod or iPhone on your body or desk gets you only so far. To get further, you’ll probably want to use the device in your car or on your bike. To prevent it from shifting around as you shift gears, you’ll probably want to secure it.
Car Mounts

The iPod or iPhone on your body or office, you only receive far. To go further, you'll probably want to use the device in your car or your bike. To prevent it from moving around you change speeds, you'll probably want to secure.
Car Mounts
The ideal way to get an iPod or iPhone in a car is one of the "iPod-integration" of units that car manufacturers are increasingly building in cars.
 If your car came without an iPod integration unit, you can add a third party to easily see next section for more details, but in many cases, you should replace your existing stereo.
For a less invasive, try a holder or assembly, such as:
•The series TuneDok TuneDok Belkin Car Holder (from $ 29.99; allows you to mount iPod models in the various cup holder of your car.
• The series of VentMount VentMount DLO ($ 24.99; allows you to mount an iPod or iPhone-yes, you guessed it, the AC vent, where it remains fresh and on hand
• The WindowSeat WindowSeat Griffin Technology ($ 29.99; allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod touch on the windshield of your car, your cards and put music to the eyes.
 The WindowSeat attaches with a suction cup and bracket allows you to rotate and tilt the screen to the proper position for viewing. The WindowSeat includes an audio cable to connect the iPhone or iPod to your car. If you need to power the iPhone or iPod, you can add a car charger like the PowerJolt (see later in this chapter). Resist the temptation to play the game Cro-Mag Rally driving on the desert stretches of I-80.
All-in-One car adapters
If your car does not have a unit of the iPod integration, securing the iPod or iPhone tends to
only half the problem.
 The other half is to play the sound from the iPod or iPhone through the stereo system of the vehicle. Chapter 5 discusses this issue in more detail, but one solution is to use a gadget all-in-one.Most of combining these three main elements:
• An adapter that connects to the output of your car or 12-volt cigarette lighter.
• A means of piping the output of iPod or iPhone to your stereo.
 This can use a direct cable connection, a cassette adapter, or a radio transmitter.
• A cradle or other device to hold the iPod or iPhone, is built on the adapter (using the power adapter that support) or fit into a cup holder oron the dashboard.
Many different all-in-one gadgets are available, including the following:
TransDock TransDock Digital Lifestyle Outfitters ( is a series of iPod car gadgets.
 The TransDock with IntelliTune costs $ 99.99 and you can not only play music from the iPod to the radio in your car, but also show the video of the iPod on your video system in the car. A flexible gooseneck plugs into the accessory socket and allows you to position the iPod where it is convenient to hand, but out of harm's way.
TuneBase and TuneCast • The series TuneBase and TuneCast Belkin ( provide a variety of ways to play audio from an iPod or iPhone through a car stereo.
 For example, the TuneCast Auto with ClearScan for iPhone and iPod powers ($ 79.99) for iPod or iPhone from the accessory socket and transmits the audio wirelessly to the receiver.
The Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe for iPhone and iPod ($ 99.95; charges the iPod to catch and transmit the audio via an audio cable to your car.
 There's even a wireless remote for back seat drivers.
Bike Mounts
If you want to mount the iPod on your bike, your options are more limited.Here are some examples:
Mobility Pack iPod iPod Mobility Pack ($ 19.95; by Marware includes a bike mount, swivel clip and car holder who work with Marware cases that use the clip system Multidapt. Bike HolderAccessory allows you to strap the iPod to the handlebars of your bike so you can manipulate the music when you have your hands free.
The iBikeMount iBikeMount from com,. $ 29.99) provides an iPhone on the handlebarsof your bike or other tube (for example, a baby stroller). This product is still under development at this writing, but it looks promising.
If you want to mount a speaker on your bike, head to and President of Research for iPod bikes.This item is a $ 50 speaker waterproof the clamps on the frame of your bike. You control the music via a handlebar-mounted remote control

Friday, 9 December 2011

Ipad Nano and Ipad Shuffle

Ipad Nano
The iPod nano is the smallest iPod which has a screen. So far the iPodnano comes in 8 GB and 16 GB models in different colors.
The iPod nano has a layout similar to the iPod classic, with a screen at the top of the facade, the main control buttons integrated into the click wheel and dock connector port on the bottom. The only major differencein the layout is that the headphone socket is on the bottom of the iPodnano, rather than on top.
Despite its small size, iPod nano can play video as well as songs, and can even out this video to a TV. The iPod can also display photos andalbum art on the screen or on TV. The capacity of the iPod nano is engraved on the back.

Ipad Shuffle

The iPod shuffle is the smallest iPod and least expensive. To date, two generations of iPod shuffle is available:
IPod Shuffle •
The third generation iPod is a slab of shiny metal with a clip on the back, a single switch on top, and its controls is built into the headphone cord.

The iPod Shuffle second generation iPod  has a rectangular metal box with controls on the front and one rear clip to attach the player to your clothes.
The iPod shuffle has no screen and two game modes, either reading an existing playlist in order or "mix" of songs in random order, hence the name.
 To switch from shuffle mode to play, you move the switch on top of the third generation iPod shuffle or one of the two switches on the bottom of the second generation iPod shuffle.
You control the iPod shuffle third generation via the three buttons on the headset cord (see Chapter 3 for details).
 You control the second generation iPod shuffle via five buttons (Play / Pause, Previous Track and Next Track, Volume Up and VOLUME) arranged in a circular arrangement on his face.
Because the iPod shuffle has no screen, the only way you can navigate through your playlist is to use the Back button and the Next button and listen to the song that plays.
 The shuffle mode is a virtue out of this limitation by proposing to mix the songs for you.
The iPod shuffle is great for exercise or activities that threaten extreme
more iPod, especially since the controls are easy to use without looking.But it is also great if you often get new music and want to focus your listening on it without being distracted by your existing collection, or if you want to force you to listen to artists or albums that you're used toneglect.
Due to the limitations of the iPod shuffle, much of what you will read elsewhere in this book does not apply to it.
 For example, you can not put your contacts, calendar, or notes on the iPod shuffle, because it has no way to show you, well, you can not watch a video on it . The iPod shuffle does not use the EQ, but it supports the start time and end time of the options in iTunes, allowing you to skip part of the beginning or end of a runway.
But the iPod shuffle is not just for playing music. You can also use the iPod shuffle as a portable drive, and because of its small size, the iPod shuffle is a great way to take your important documents with you.
The second generation iPod shuffle plays AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and, but he can not read files from Apple Lossless Encoder.The third generation iPod shuffle does not play Apple Lossless encoding files and all other types.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Introduces Ipod and Iphones

Introduction to iPods and iPhones?
iPod is the generic term for music and popular portable video players manufactured by Apple Inc. iPhone is a cell phone that Apple has an iPod built right into it.

Audio with an iPod or iPhone and iTunesTo date, there are four main types of iPod, shows from left to right onbook cover:
  • IPod touch  iPod is like the iPhone, with a large touch screen.
  •  iPod classic is the full-size iPod, with a control knob on the front.
  •  iPod nano is the smallest iPod with a screen.

It's tiny iPod screen and not just clips onto
Apart from these current models, Apple has also produced and abandoned-five generations of iPod regular three previous generations of iPod nano, an earlier generation of the iPod shuffle, and a generation of iPod mini, a medium-sized iPod built around a miniature hard drive called a Microdrive. The second generation iPod shuffle has been supplanted by the third, but Apple has not yet abandoned.
All current iPod and iPhone to connect to your PC or Mac via USB, allowing you to quickly transfer files to the player via a USB port on your regular computer. (Old models connected via FireWire, an alternative connection technology that Apple has now removed iPods and the iPhone.) When the iPod or the end of the iPhone connector cable plugs into a narrow port called off the Dock Connector port. The exception is the iPod shuffle, which is charged with an additional connector buried deep in his headphones.
Function iPods and iPhone
Before we dive into what the iPhone and all the different iPod models do look at the features they have in common: the audio and video, store photos, synchronize your contacts and calendars, and more more.In capacity, the iPod shuffle is the intruder for reasons to enter immediately. No screen, it can not display video, photos or text information, so it focuses on audio playback. However, you can store files on the iPod shuffle as you can over his brothers.
The Main Event: audio and video playback
The main feature of the iPod (and one of the main features of the iPhone) is of high quality audio and video playback. Let's look briefly here so that we do not have to cover for each individual player.IPods and iPhone can play music files in the following formats:
  • • Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) This is the preferred format for Apple's high-quality audio on small devices.
  • • MP3 Only the rest of the world's preferred format for high quality audio on small devices.
  •  Choose an iPod or iPhone and get your computer ready 5
  • • Audible is the format used by MP3 derivatives for its audio book files.
  • • Apple Lossless Encoding format is Apple's full-quality audio. The second generation iPod shuffle does not play these files, but the third generation iPod shuffle does.
  • • WAV format is an industry standard for overall quality, uncompressed audio.
  • • AIFF format is an industry standard, but on the Mac for full quality
uncompressed audio.The iPod and the iPhone does not support formats like other Microsoft Windows Media Audio (WMA), RealNetworks RealAudio, and open-source audio format Ogg Vorbis and FLAC, but you can convert audio files in AAC, MP3, or other supported format quite easily (see Chapter 6 for details).The iPod (excluding iPod shuffle) and the iPhone can play multiple video file types, including H.264 and MPEG-4. If you have video files into other formats, you can convert them to one of these formats (see Chapter 8 for more details).
Carrying contacts, calendars and photos
IPods and iPhone also act as a contact database, calendar, and portable, allowing you to not only carry all your music, but your vital information as well. You can also put other text information on an iPod or iPhone so you can make this information with you and display it on the screen. IPod touch and iPhone, you can edit your contacts, calendars and notes and create new ones as needed.IPhone and iPod (except iPod shuffle) can also carry your photos and display them, which is ideal for taking with you and share them with others.Realization of your vital filesYou can also use an iPod or iPhone as an external drive for your PC or Mac. This provides an easy and convenient way to backup your data, file storage, and transporting files from one computer to another. And because the iPod and iPhone are ultra-portable you can take those files with you wherever you go, which can be ideal for school, work, and even play.